Musashi december 4th, 2010


Last piece...! Concept from... someone...! I don't know his name...

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  Cap'n Jack Backstabber november 27th, 2010  

"I be cuttin' off their throat an' feedin' it to me giant squid!"

This is Cap'n Jack Backstabber! A young pirate who would never say something like that...

A little excercie I've been doing these past few days. And I had so much fun!

Special thanks to CĂ©line Cruz who helped me with the design and made me finish this piece in a very short amount of time...! such a good project manager :)

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  Credits august 1st, 2010  

Some projects I've been working on at Modus FX!


  Modus FX november 9, 2009  

New chapter!

Now I'm working at Modus FX! I've been hired as a digital sculptor and it's going to be so exciting!!

Trapdoor was a very good experience and I really loved to work there. The team was great, I'm going to miss them so much! But it's been a while I wanted to work in the film industry, I'm glad I have this opportunity!



Bad Assassin in D'Artiste Character Modeling 3

october, 2009


Bad Assassin will be published in the next D'Artiste Character Modeling 3 from Ballistic Publishing! The book will be released in mid november 2009.

  Demoreel updated august 21, 2009  

Check out my new demoreel here !

I'm also working on a Gorilla. Here are some wips :

(860kb - you can right click and save target as)





  Woman wip december 4, 2008  

Update again ! I've made some changes on the proportions and on the face. And I did the hat too.


(1.06 mb - you can right click and save target as)


  Trapdoor Inc december 1, 2008  

Woohooo !! I am officially working at Trapdoor Inc. as a character modeler ! I got my work permit yesterday !! The studio is brand new, the team is great... This experience is going to be so exciting!

  Bad Assassin on the Turntable gallery november 17, 2008  

I was so happy today to see my work on the ZBrush Turntable gallery!

  Bad Assassin on 3D Rockstar november 11, 2008  

I was so surprised today when I saw my Bad Assassin between the "26 amazing inspirationnal CG character" from 3D Rockstar!

  Woman wip october 8, 2008  

I've never done a woman before and this is my very first one. Modeling a girl is so much harder than a man!! So here is my girl's wip. I've decided to make something else than heroic fantasy this time. Because my entourage is thinking that it's all what I can do. Which is wrong! So this girl is going to be a regular one. So she'll be wearing casual cloths.

For now i'm still on the anatomy study. Here is what i've got so far :




(1.6 mb - you can right click and save target as)

  Bad Assassin final september 15, 2008  

So I'm finally done with my model! it was quite hard to make the textures since i've decided to paint everything by hand. I use the Zbrush polypainting feature! It's pretty good when you don't want to have seems :). So now i'm pretty happy with the result and i hope you'll like it too! I gave him a little pose. I didn't want it to be on that T stand. He looked so sad! now he seems to be alive :)

Now it's time to send my work to companies! i hope they'll like it. I'll be updating my demoreel pretty soon. One thing at a time!

Thanks for watching!

  New website ! september 3, 2008  

Ok, here is my new website ! I hope you like it ! The main goal of this website is to show my portfolio, my work in progress and I'll also try to make some nice tutorials. And I'll do my possible to keep this blog updated !


Bad Assassin wip

So here is the last character I'm currently working on, based on a concept from Bjorn Hurri. I'll be looking for a job with it ! It's going to be a low poly character for real time. I'll be using normal map.

Here are some Zbrush renders :

  ...and some renders done in Max with mental ray and displacement map :